As you know, PPPL has held the “Theory and Simulation of Disruptions Workshop” (TSDW) every year at PPPL since 2012. Upon request from our colleagues at ITER, we have decided NOT to hold a Workshop in 2020 in PPPL, but instead join the ITER group in organizing the “Technical Meeting on Plasma Disruptions and their Mitigation”, 20-23 July 2020 in Saint-Paul-lez-Durance, France.

The latest information about the 2020 meeting can be found on the homepage: https://conferences.iaea.org/event/217/

*************************************************************************************ALL OF THE INFORMATION N THIS WEB PAGE PERTAINS TO THE MEETINGS HELD AT PPPL 2012-2019

Welcome to the Theory and Simulation of Disruptions Workshop website.  The principal objective of this Workshop is to bring together experts (theorists, experimentalists, and engineers) on the subject of disruptions in tokamaks. Understanding, predicting, and mitigating disruptions is one of the principal challenges confronting ITER. The emphasis of this Workshop is on the theory and simulations of disruptions in tokamaks, informed by and in coordination with experimental campaigns on the world’s principal tokamak