Abstracts AND Registration



REGISTRATION- 2019 Information will be posted soon.

There will be a registration fee to cover meeting costs, refreshments and hotel/lab bus transportation.  We encourage persons interested in participating in this workshop to register as soon as possible and to follow the link below to register. If you need an official workshop payment receipt please contact Jen Jones at jjones@pppl.gov



WORKSHOP DINNER FEE ~ Specific information for this year’s dinner will be posted on the workshop dinner page.

Guests who wish to attend the dinner must purchase a dinner ticket separately; extra dinner tickets can also be purchased for accompanying persons. *For attendees from DOE National Labs: The dinner is considered an unallowable expense. However, a portion maybe reimbursable through M&IE if you are on travel status.*

*Payments must be received by *

Registration Cancellation/Refunds– A notification of cancellation and a request for a refund must be received in writing (email us at tsd.pppl.gov ). All cancellation/refund requests will be assessed a $25 processing fee REGARDLESS

Please contact Jen Jones @ jjones@pppl.gov with any questions