Posters will be posted on July 16th

Radiofrequency emission by runaway electrons in FTU: P. Buratti (ENEA)

Edge-Localized Mode Detection and Correlation with Rotating MHD Modes for Disruption Event Characterization and Forecasting: J. Butt (Columbia University)

Benchmarking Nonlinear, Extended-Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of Disruption Mitigation: B. Lyons (GA)

Early Internal Detection of MHD by Faraday-Effect Polarimetry in High-qmin DIII-D Plasmas and Correlation with Ideal-Wall Beta Limit: M. D. Pandya (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

On Disruption Prediction and the Relative Cost of Disruptions: M. Parsons (The Pennsylvania State University)

Resistive Wall Mode Stability Forecasting in NSTX through Balanced Random Forests and Counterfactual Explanations: A. Piccione (University College London)

Offline Torque Balance Analysis of Rotating MHD for Real-Time Application: J. Riquezes (Columbia University)

Collisionless Plasma Transport Mechanisms in Open Stochastic Magnetic Field Lines Associated with Thermal Quench: M.-G. Yoo (PPPL)

Scenario Adaptive Disruption Prediction Study for Next Generation Burning Plasma Tokamaks: J. Zhu (MIT)

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